Two of several come onto a burning car on the side of the road and the videographer shows more interest in filming the incident rather than attempt to save the occupants from certain death. This video is full of links to promote the author of the video.

Selflessness truly abides in the hearts of a few choice people…typically found in those who wear the uniform of a soldier, firefighter and/or policeman. I would hope someone would do whatever they could for me and/or my loved ones in our hour of need.

Timeline on Video:
00:00 Commercial with revenue sharing
00:14 Passenger fears for personal life “drive away, it’s gonna blow up”
00:33 Videographer gets out of car and gets onto sidewalk
00:36 Another bystander asks if anyone has a fire hose
00:43 People run from scene as sound of popping sounds
00:49 Lady’s voice saying she can’t tell if anyone is in the car
00:51 Videographer replies emphatically: “Somebody is in it”