Hold on to your Star Wars memorabilia!

Someone has just invented a real light saber!

“Styropyro, the Do-it-yourself laser guru responsible for developing this

real light saber, actually goes by the name of Drake Anthony, and is 20 years old.

Currently a student at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, studying chemistry,

Drake has been working with lasers since he was 12 years old, and has been posting

videos to YouTube since 2006.  A science enthusiast since he was a small child, and

has always been obsessed with light and fire. He posts new videos to YouTube on a

regular basis, with over 37,131 on his YouTube dashboard. I’m the son of Marc Anthony,

pro-hunter and outdoor writer.” – (Source)

Melissa Knowles, Trending article author and TV host for Yahoo, caught hold of Styropyro’s

real light saber recently and featured the  invention in her article “Homemade Light Saber

Lights Up the Web.” (Source)

In a YouTube video that is causing quite a stir throughout the galaxy, user

“The DIY Laser Guy” demonstrates his “handheld laser” cutting through objects such as paper,

cardboard, tape and a pingpong ball. The blue laser itself is 3,000 milliwatts, which the

laser guy says is the strongest he has ever used. He writes in the video’s description,

“I usually try to refrain from using the term ‘lightsaber’ when referring to my lasers but

there really isn’t much else out there to describe this laser.” He also notes that owning

a real light saber is legal in the U.S. (Ibid)

Although some extreme Star Wars die-hards criticize the naming of the real light saber,

it’s a bonafide laser that can clearly do some damage.

No plans for mass marketing of the real light saber at this time!

Drake has not indicated what price tag he will charge, if any.

So far, it is legal in the United States to own a real light saber but clearly, this one will

need some regulations with it as it can definitely hurt people and property if in the “wrong hands.”

a real light saber

If it was up to me, I would market it using a viral blogging system, like Empower Network, where

people can read about these kinds of items and other interesting stuff.

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Gilbert the tall man

a real light saber