In today’s economy, people are looking for ways to find treasure in many forms to supplement their current incomes and/or maintain their lifestyles. Although there are plenty of scams, schemes and shady practices, only the legitimate options will be presented.

To find treasure, you have to have the right tools. Unlike the man shooting at “some food,” a gun is not one of the intended tools as we see in the following video clip:

(Were there any viewers singing along with the theme song? I did my first time)

Find treasure in Gold

For many a millennia, gold has been the most sought-after treasure since first mentioned in Genesis in the Bible, during the creation account. Many civilizations prided themselves when they had gold in their vaults and special rooms.

find treasureIn order to search for gold, you can take the lessons from the Gold Rush Alaska crews made famous by Discovery Channel’s hit series-leader on Friday nights.  Chief on the list is a good, reliable team who won’t backstab you or steal what you’ve accumulated.

Find treasure with good tools. If you’re by yourself, that will mean a Gold Panning Kit and extra equipment not included to keep your feet dry, your find safe and your efforts rewarding.

Just as the legends of the pirates and high-dollar expeditions are known to use when they seek to find treasure, a reliable map and topographic history is absolutely important. Just because Georgia has the reputation of “gold in them thar hills,” doesn’t mean one can go in search of gold just anywhere. Do the research.

“In my very first pan I found a small speck of gold. Doris was panning and so was Charlie. Charlie was getting bored with it and he wanted to check in at the camp site. There was no way I was leaving, I had found gold so he did a little exploring of the area and then came back for some more panning. I got him some good material, classified it and let him pan it out. Charlie found his first piece of gold and he was no longer bored.” – Prospector Jack

Find treasure in metal detecting

Metal detecting has become a raving pastime for many hobbyists for years but has only lately received international attention for backyard treasure hunters. Some have been in search to find treasure in historical artifacts, like the Civil War in America or like when the Romans inhabited England around the 5th Century A.D.

In order to find treasure with a metal detector, take wise advice from the author of this post and invest into a high quality detector. One successful “detectorist,” known as Neswiper on YouTube, uses the MineLab E-Trac detector. See examples here.

Find treasure in serving others

Treasure is also found in the human factor, not just in gold or historical artifacts. Serving others is the focus of a post I made earlier today. It’s one thing to find treasure for personal enrichment. It’s quite another when we can make a memorable positive contribution in someone else.

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