To hit your goals you need to have several factors in place. No one under any circumstances can expect to hit even close to the goals they’ve set without them.

To illustrate, we’ll use basketball as our example.  Who else to help us demonstrate these five things as Nic Stauskas, freshman at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, at his home in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Chief among the things you need to hit your goals is the goal itself. Anybody can throw a ball into the air and some have even been able to throw it at someone so they can catch it.

In Nic’s case, getting close to the basket is not good enough. As Zig Ziglar once said, “close only counts with horseshoes or grenades.'”

Everybody must have at least one goal they want to achieve today!

Everyone must have a goal in order to make the energy and practice and consistency pay off. Nothing would frustrate Nic or any sports competitor than to run out onto the field or court all suited up and ready with ball-in-hand to find no goals.

For sake of time, I won’t go into the three types of goals in detail but only to mention them briefly here. Namely, there are short term, mid term and long term goals.

Another thing we need to hit in order to reach a goal we’ve set is to use the right tools, or ball in this case. Nic couldn’t make 46 consecutive shots using a beach ball or golf ball or even a medicine ball.

If a business person had set a goal to draw in a thousand people into his store for grand opening day, he has to use more than “word of mouth.” Some people swear by word of mouth advertising as the “end-all” of advertising.

Just as Nic has to take the ball with two hands, holding it steady with his left (given that he’s right handed for the illustration), aim with his right hand, keep his eye focused on the goal ahead, lift both arms together, shoot the ball so that the ball makes a reverse-spin roll off his middle finger, the combination of moves ensure he’ll be close. Only practice will make it sure.

In the same way, the store owner must contact the newspapers, chamber of commerce, radio/television stations, schools, churches, civic clubs and networking events announcing his grand opening. Direct mail wouldn’t hurt and a billboard with a directional arrow pointing at the new store will all work toward hitting the target.

Another thing I mentioned earlier that is absolutely necessary for the accomplishment of any worthwhile goal is focus. Focus on the goal, not the things that you’ll use to get into that goal.

One way to illustrate this is to put your hand in front of your face. Now, fix your eyes on the tree or wall beyond it. Your hand all but disappears, right?

Now, focus on the hand in front of your face. The wall doesn’t seem to become transparent, but it does go out of focus doesn’t it?

So, when we focus on ourselves and our tools or, as in Nic’s case, the ball, we lose focus on the goal. We might as well be blind than to try to consistently hit our goals if they stay out of focus.

So, in order to hit our goals in life, we need to take our eyes off ourselves and fix them on the goal.

Practice, practice, practice on reaching your goal

Tom Hopkins, the author of the book “How to Master the Art of Selling,” spoke of the PDR with regard to becoming a champion is sales. PDR stands for Practice, Drill, Rehearse.

Most people refuse to practice and would rather “wing it” through life. Hitting every goal, though wished for is often never hit.

The last, but by no means least, thing everyone needs in order to reach the goal they set is adversity.  In the video, Nic hit 70 out of 76 attempts from the 3-point line because there were no opponents in his face nor roar of the crowd in his ears.  His record probably would be considerably different if he had an adversary to challenge him.

In the same way, the goal we want to hit is blocked by adversaries of  own choosing as well as those most people face but never overcome.  The one’s who overcome their adversities and still hit their goals are those who practiced as if they were facing and beating their enemy.

Know your enemy, know his strengths and weaknesses and make a plan to beat him every time. Once you’ve done that, hitting your goal will become the sweetest reward of all!


Gilbert Nichols